WiLink 7.0 Solution: GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth and FM in One Chip

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Breakthrough was made by Texas Instruments, which succeeded in creating a single chip with the ability to support four radio technology, the WiFi (WLAN), GPS, Bluetooth and FM radio.

This is WiLink Solution 7.0, with 65-nanometer chip size, Which is capable of Providing solutions to reduce production costs and 30% reduction in chip dimensions by half to Provide these four. Later the radio, this product will of some on display at the grand event Mobile World Congress 2010 in booth Texas Instruments (TI)

According to Vice President and general manager of TI wireless connectivity solution, Haviv Ilan, Texas Instruments is proud of his success challenges the market issues, with finding a single chip for WLAN capability, GPS, Bluetooth and FM.

As a result, success is best not to put Texas Instruments as a company that runs the commitment to keep one step ahead. With the ability of this radio four, at least WiLink Solution 7.0 will open a new revolution to technology tools and the interaction of global connections, including mobile technology (mobile phone).

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