Video conversion for Symbian 5th Edition

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Do you have a 5th edition symbian phones like N97, 5530, 5230, 5800 XpressMusic, or other recent series? Production of this Nokia touchscreen phone does have advantages in terms of entertainment. Not only the audio quality this player qualified, but also his ability to video players deserve thumbs up.

If you have a lot of favorite videos or movies stored on your computer, unfortunately it seems if thrown away. You can still convert it and enjoy the return on the fifth generation symbian phone screen.
These tips can be run with the assumption that you will use RealPlayer as its palyer, and videos that are presented to the MPEG-4 format with AAC audio formats.

Of course you need the video to be converted as a main ingredient tips this time. You will also need a computer with sufficient hard disk storage space. As a software conversion, pulse tried a software called SUPER video encoder. Type of freeware or free software can be downloaded at

Settings the SUPER:
After successfully diisntal on your PC, you need to take steps before setting start converting movies
Please make arrangements in accordance with the sequence number in the following picture
1. Set the Output Container to MP4 format
2. Set the Output Videos to MPEG-4 Codec
3. Set the Output Audio Codec to AAC LC
4. Check settings on the box DirectShow Decode
5. Change Video Scale Size to 640 x 360, to get different sizes, please select two other sizes that are below the 368 x 208 or 416 x 176
6. Set the Aspect ratio to 16:9,
7. Set frames / sec to figure 29.97
8. Bitrate: use 2016 (default)
9. Check the boxes High Quality
10. Set Sampling Freq to 44100th
11. Change the audio bitrate to 96 kbps.

Well, if the steps are the settings made, so this time you're ready to convert videos
Step Conversion

Through File Explorer, select the video file you want converted. Perform drag and drop (drag and drop) files to any part of the SUPER window.
If successful, the name that you want to convert videos will appear under the notification "DROP A Valid MULTIMEDIA FILE HERE ...".

You can double-click on this section to view the video details such as how much bitrate or aspect ratio.
If the video bitrate is lower than the setting you had, makaAnda can improve their quality to be better.

Some videos have a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Probably will not look perfect, the image people will look taller or wider since 5th edition symbian default exists at a 16:9 aspect ratio

If you are unsure of who's doing the settings, press the Encode button, then the conversion process will start soon. Conversion time varies depending on the quality and file size of video.
After the conversion process is complete, you can directly transfer the file to your phone.

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