Nokia introduces three's New Series: C3, C6 & E5

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Today it was not introduced the Nokia N8 to a global audience, but three new series of C3, C6 and E5. All three looked into the realm of business and social networking in combination with qwerty keypad attractive.

When you see the competitors, this seems qwerty nokia should hurry 'down' to the market. Where will affordable consumer demand, which would eventually undermine the dominance of mobile phone back from China. Just be advised, mobile phone qwerty 'branded' circulating in Indonesia is bigger than is offered by a high official price, which eventually becomes fertile ground for a local phone.

If Nokia is offering these new phones at a price 'reasonable', it seems consumers will switch to the Finnish manufacturer of this product. What's the name of Nokia has been rooted in the inner cell phone lovers. Stay just wait.

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