Hotel 626 Haunted House Online Game

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Not many sites that take full advantage of the various types of interactive online media such as games this hotel626. This really is a fun and challenging game, and if you make it up to the end, you can even share your trip on Facebook and Twitter. After night work, definitely check this one. You will be impressed with how well these sites work, and how the game became interesting.

Frito-Lay of North America presents Snack Strong Productions that make you will not soon forget. This is truly a unique and innovative from several online media is a very cool experience (especially if you like scary movies and such). Site, hotel626, require that you use a webcam, microphone, and is listed on the site so they can immerse you right to hell this nightmare. Do not worry this is not hell. In fact, this is just a pleasure!
The site runs completely on the flash, and use your webcam to make sure you're playing under the right conditions, ie with all the lights out. As a bonus, hotel626 open only at night, 6:00 pm-6: 00am, so you will not be out of the creepy factor that is too easy.

Once you register on this site, you will be allowed into the game hotel626, which began with a leap out of bed disturbing for a variety of strange noises. This game is played in 10 chapters, most of which utilize some form of media interaction. You have to maximize attention very carefully to the instructions in the cinematic scenes that will let you solve puzzles and survive the horror. One stage goul tells you to flash with the camera on your screen asking you to sing a lullabye, and that require you to sift through the images until you find yourself. There is also a section with a scary phone call that will help you escape hotel626, so make sure you have your cell nearby.

How to play this game quite easy, when you want to come in, you will indeed be asked to fill in your name and email address.
Tools you need to play the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. (Do not use the webcam also does not matter)
But it seems you can only access it when it's night game.

If based on what I play, the story we're trapped in the haunted hotel lot and tried to exit. Now there will be at every stage of its mission.
Stay just run its mission in accordance with a pre-determined.
As usual just play the game anyway, maybe its just sound effects that make a little scared.

Is one stage, when we picked up the phone and heard the person who gave the instructions. People's voice must be heard properly in order not wrong.
You just need to hear what he said was "left" (left) or "right" (right) and stay character deflect to the left or right using the mouse.

There is also a rather difficult mission in my opinion, that is when we must break the code of the pictures on the wall. I repeatedly failed in that mission

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wah... saya juga udah pernah nyoba ini game! emang bikin kaget. heeheheh...