Skyfire and Opera Mini Tested As Powerful Browser for Android

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Brower many applications available for the Android platform. There were six choices, with the largest user. Is Skyfire 2.0, Opera Mini, Dolphin HD, Mozilla Fennec, Android 2.2 Stock, and Android 2.1 Stock. Well, yes roughly how the performance comparison between the sixth terebut browser?

As already quoted from PCWorld, that it had tested the sixth Android browser, with some aspects of testing such as speed, navigation, and overall performance. Step by PCWorld Android browser testing done by two methods, namely 'the live loading pages' Internet and the method of 'saved or cached pages'.

In the first method (live loading pages), it turns out the winner Skyfire 2.0 browser. This browser can open web pages 'new', who have never accessed before, with the fastest time of 8 seconds. But, for the second method (saved or cached pages), found Opera Mini as a champion, with a record time of just 6.1 seconds to load pages.

As for the browser and the Android 2.1 Android 2.2, the first method of carrying a better browsers Android 2.2, with an average time of 11.3 seconds. While the results are in contrast to the second method, which measured 2.1 Android browser is superior, despite the time difference is very small.

At least that's the test results of six popular Android browser, which Skyfire 2.0 and Opera Mini best position. Sure, the difference is only a matter of a few seconds adrift. However, for Internet access for a second difference considered significant.

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