Apple filed New Patent to Prevent "Jailbreaking"

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To prevent the product from the iPhone, IPAD or iPod touch on the activities of "Jailbreak", Apple has a new patent to identify the company and to eliminate, not that allows authorized users to jailbreaking "peripheral activity.

As already mentioned Techtree, these proprietary applications that are considered as a further property of Apple into account to the use of all facilities that could only restrict unauthorized users. Research, in fact, this patent has since 19 February 2009 brought live, but not yet published last week.

Jailbreaking is itself an activity that the opening of the "key" smartphone and the loss of its exclusive contract, given that these devices can be used by other operators of telecommunications services. Even with jailbreaking users to applications without waiting for permission from the manufacturer to install.

In fact, "jailbreak" the use of electronic devices has been duly recognized by the law to be legal. Only through this application, Apple's long-term plan for the "extermination" of the activities were jailbreaking. This is in agreement with the patent from Apple, which protect the seller Uncle Sam automatically to iPhone users, iPod touch and IPAD theft and unauthorized use.

So basically, if the user to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone, Apple will create mechanisms to identify and then remote to factory settings. Parts manufacturers recommend the action jailbreak iPhone, iPod touch, or IPAD, bearing in mind that these devices can cause unstable performance.

Effectively protecting a variety of devices shares spread leak besutan Apple implemented? We just wait reportedly.

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