Android devices grew up to 200,000 units per day

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Google is serious about his mission scenario through its Android smartphone. No fewer than 200,000 registered Android active every day. This was revealed by the Google CEO Eric Scmhidt quoted by TechCrunch.

Scmhidt Eric also said that in the last three months, Apple has managed to overcome in terms of total deliveries of instruments of the United States. Scmhidt statement is not considered excessive. The reason for that is growing every day in May, including 100,000 users of Android. In June the number rose to 160,000 units per hari.Dan far, the number of machines has reached 200,000 active Android day.

Google CEO confirmed that the acquisition of Android so far been a very useful project. And it is true that the idea behind Android is the search because its search engine is still the main source of revenue for the company.
The success of Google.

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