Google launches "Chrome-To-Phone" for users of Android

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This could be good news for mobile users Android platform. Because Google has officially released recently Chrome phone that an "extension" Chrome "that synchronize in a position to your phone's browser is Chrome with Android.

As mentioned in Tech Crunch, Google Chrome is a browser extension that allows users to capture, "the Web page is accessed, then it is sent to a device Android 2.2. For example, if a user wants to make a cell phone, before all the map, then the stay "on the button on your phone browser Chrome, opens the phone directly from the Maps application.

Other uses of this extension, used the device to continue browsing our PC / other media for mobile phones can. Just click on the button of your browser Google Chrome the phone. Or if we find a telephone number on the Web, we want as we call the number to be sent directly to your phone. Secondly, the role of automated phone as a (marker). Accordingly, typographical errors, if we can make the call to minimize or even completely avoid the try.

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