Kingston HyperX H2O, RAM DDR3 for Game PC

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In addition to the performance of graphics memory (RAM) in the game is very important. In addition, the device manufacturer of computer memory, Kingston, is trying to create a solution to this situation by a water-cooled DDR3, HyperX called H2O.

The new product is designed for players of high class Kingston. In addition to the not easy to heat, the production of Kingston RAM is claimed, have a much better performance than the standard DDR3 RAM. In addition, the RAM is not the slightest noise. The difference to conventional RAM.

H2O HyperX is more than one option, namely, 4 GB dual-channel (2000 MHz and 2133) and 6GB triple-channel (2000 MHz clock) are available.

For serious gamers, it seems appropriate to consider the installation of this RAM for PC games. The price is quite expensive, 4GB HyperX H2O costs each about $ 157 and $ 205th For Type 6 GB HyperX H2O expensive, which is about $ 235th

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