The New Nokia N900

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Nokia N900 is the first to adopt the Nokia Maemo operating system, which noabene based on Linux. Over time, many parties (hackers) are trying to 'tinkering' of this phone, both in software and hardware.

Like recently, the Nokia N900 dioverclock sector processor (CPU). If you had been due 'brains' of this phone runs at 600 MHz speeds can now be in use until 1GHz.Yang become the object of this game that is in the area of hacker kernel, which makes the processor N900 uverclock can be 1GHz. Figures 1GHz exactly commensurate with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which is crammed at Nexus One HTC phone.

It's just that, though could be raised up to 1GHz, it seems that Nokia N900 is in the tooling fiddle with these hackers can only run stable diangka 900 MHz. However, future predicted N900 overclock limits would be even higher, considering that Nokia would bring new operating system: Meego, who is believed to be more powerful.

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