Tips Save Battery

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For those who have a habit for hours with the phone, of which the main enemy is none other than the battery out.

If it was up, so be it. Obviously, must wait for hours to recharge. pleasure and comfort cut for several hours. Moreover, if the battery is discharged at an important moment or in the way, upset the liver makes.

And you know, it is often the battery is not discharged because they use the phone frequently. Rather, there are some features and services at participating mobile phone battery consuming you.

Well to avoid this tedious sepert it, here are some ways to avoid and reduce the use of battery on your phone. Following description:

Dim the display light
Dim the lamp is a good idea if the phone screen in a darkened room or dim. This will just help to reduce the use of battery power is absorbed by these lights. Moreover, the existence of the display light in low-light room is not too crucial. The reason, the main lights in the phones are quite capable of supporting the required light phone.

Reduce volume
was nice to listen to music from the radio, mp3 or video, so do not lower your battery volume lavishly. Of course, the battery will be more efficient if multimedia was turned off.

Check Email Manual
In most smart phone users are pampered with push email service. But you know, if the service was sucking energy. Now, choose where your smart phone so 'dead' due to low battery, or phone remain prime, although you have to manually check email.

Dont forget to turn off wireless network
Check your phone, whether wireless network is active or not. If it is active, immediately turn off. Often we forget to disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, even better if inspectors shut down the WLAN network. Activation of the wireless network will suck the battery energy.

Check battery energy
For smartphone users, this can be done by installing the battery energy indicator applications. There are several applications that inform the condition of your phone battery.
For example, iPhone users can use applications and myBatteryLife Battery Go. Both these applications inform how the remaining battery energy and predict how many minutes if your phone capable of being sucked to the phone, play music, videos or online.
Thus with BlackBerry users. NB BattStat Applications can be installed in order to help you find out how long the battery can survive and the extent to which the heat temperature. Hopefully useful.

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