Foursquare (Tracking Location) the New Features in Twitter

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Foursquer, so newer features just carried Twitter, tha site mikroblogging world. This function will be to hack the location data and link it to a different website. If twitter itself has open access to developers, then the world will be able to be seen in full.

Biz stone (big boss who is also the founder of Twitter) that announced the new feature. Featured on yhe Application Programming Interfaces (API) has the ability to put data into a tweet location.

For example, if the data location in the tweet was obtained accurately or in a switch, then the user is already in the follow will be able to read the tweet from anyone. (either a city or not, whether they already follow or not) Even for specific events such us earthquakes, the use of this foursquare also extremely interesting, as revealed by Stone.

Well, of Geodata in the tweet that allows third-party Web access, will automatically put this foursquare service to be the only unique feature that hasn't owned by any site

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