Battery Magnetic Technology Nano

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Not consistent with a much electronics technologies developed, turns out the battery technology is attached to these devices is still low. It's this wich then makes the experts to try various alternatives that can be used as a subtitute energy source current battery.

Then came a new invention called the spin battery developed by the researchers. This spin battery that can be recharged by applying a magnetic field system nano-magnets in a device called a 'magnetic tunnel junction' (MTJ).

This new technology is a step forward wich is believed will result in the battery faster, cheaper and uses less energy than current existing. the future of this new battery could be developed to bring a car or other devices.

The scret of this technology lies in the use of magnetic nano to affect the electromotive force. This technology converts magnetic energy into electrical energy without chemical reactions. Electric currents created in this process is called 'current spin polarization' and called the nem technology with the name 'spintronik'.

Using spintronik technology, energy is stored rather than through the chemical reaction but on a magnet. So no chemical reaction occurs because the spin battery will make a huge magnetic field. this technology is considered more potent than any technology has ever been found before.

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