How to Backup Phonebook Online Free

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There are many ways to backup your phone data. Starting from the general, using connections to the computer, using a standard with mobile applications, to entrust to a dedicated server online.
This last way is provided by many mobile operators. Almost all the local GSM operators have been providing backup services. But it all paid.
We have a trick to use similar services that are available for free. Some of them you can see the following tips:

Google Sync
Service provided by Google is actually a long time. Excess Google Sync but this application is free, our data will be stored on Google servers, so when you change phones, you can re-synchronize to the list of contacts and calendars we've ever made in the previous phone and move into a new phone with ease.

This synchronization process can also be done automatically so we do not have to do it manually, although the manual option is also provided. Of course, to enjoy this service you must have an account at Google. After that you must do several steps to adjust settings with the brand and type of phone you have.

When you use the Symbian 60 2nd edition (Nokia 6630) the following steps. Click Menu> Connectivity> select Sync> Options> New sync profile. Later when out notification 'copy the values from another profile' select all 'No'.

Next insert the data. Sync profile, content with Google Sync. Data bearer, fill in the web. Access point and completed according to the operator SIM card you use. Host address filled with Filled with 443 ports. for your user name filled in according to your gmail account and password filled in according to your account password is.
Next slide the joystick to the right> select 'contacts' select yes> then select back> back> save.

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Akhatam said...

Wah ada juga ya caranya backup buku telpun secara online.. mantap deh infonya gan