Tips Moving Phonebook to other phone

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Changing the phone for some people is not easy. The reason, which is embedded in the phonebook memory is more valuable than a cell phone. Not seldom any reason to replace the phone because it was full phonebook memory and want the phone that can accommodate many more.

In the list of specifications there are some phone information about the maximum storage capacity of its phonebook data. For example there are five hundred to a thousand pieces. This means that memory is shared system memory embraced.

This means that its capacity is partitioned from the beginning. There is also a phonebooknya capacity can be adjusted with the rest of the memory means using dynamic memory.

Now how do I get on the phone the old phone books can be moved easily? What if the phone is a different brand and type? What is clear, we can use several ways to move the phonebook with ease. But it also depends on the cell phone supporting features. Especially his side connectivity

1. Traditional way
The easiest way and applies to most of the phone is to move the phonebook (which is in the phone memory) to the SIM card memory. But you must remember, the maximum capacity of the SIM card is usually only 100 to 250 fruits. So if the data is more than a thousand pieces it will be troublesome.

For those who want to try to do that;
Go to "Contacts", press "Options" (option), select "Mark All" (mark all)
* Press "Options" (option) again, select "Copy" and then select "Copy to
SIM directory". When finished, please put your SIM card into the phone was new.

2. Via MS Outlook
MS Outlook is the application's Personal Information Manager Windows Miscosoft one of its functions is to save the contact. Maybe because Microsoft Windows has a market share of PC operating systems in the world, a cause for the handset manufacturer menanakan synchronization functions that are compatible with MS Outlook.

So, when your phone is synchronized to MS Outlook data so easily you can move data to another phone. This example of how to transfer phonebook data from Nokia to Blackberry.

* Install Nokia PC Suite from the CD package. Or if no please download for free at Activate menu "Synchronise" in the Nokia PC Suite ", then select"
Settings ".
* Next will appear the window "Select PC Application", select "Microsoft Outlook",
then click "Next".
* Now go to "Outlook profile selection", click "Select folder" and select each folder
according to the data storage tempan. Contact one example in a folder then select
"Contact". After clicking "Ok"

At this point in the general setting process is complete. But if you want the advanced settings (Advance) like to update data, such as whether a mobile data update Microsoft Outlook or vice versa. Or maybe you meginginkan both complement each other. Just choose Update in both direction, Only update mobile phone to Microsoft Outlook or the "Only update Microsoft Outlook data to the mobile phone.

In setting "Advance" There are also options menu activation synchronization manually or automatically. Now the data in your Nokia phone was in the copy in MS Outlook. The next step, synchronize your Blackberry to MS Oulook.

What you need:
1.Software BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Download in Then install on your PC.
2.Cable data to connect the phone with a computer. Each is equipped with a BlackBerry in the sales package.


* Activate the Blackberry Desktop Manager Software. Enter the password if any. Then choose Synchronize. In this synchronize menu, select or check the synchronize organizer data synchronization and then select the option in the left side.
* On the Synchronization Configuration menu, click the Synchronization button. Form will then appear for selecting the data to be transferred. For example, if you will transfer the data Addres Book / phonebook will stay selected / check the Address Book option, then click OK.
* Select the software Microsoft Outlook, then click the next button.
* Select the type of synchronization, in this case, adjust as needed. There are 3 choices, synchronization of data from the computer, BlackBerry or a combination of both. After that click next.
* Later in the confirmation window, click next. Then click FINISH.
* Confirm the process once again what else you want to do re-synchronized and the above process.
* If you are finished click Synchronize on the left above, then click the Synchronize again in the page that appears. Click Accept if appears notification and wait until the process is complete.

If the process is complete, you will see the phonebook outlook on your BlackBerry. Good try!

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