Sony Ericsson Zeus PlayStation Phone Video Previewed Now

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The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone codenamed Sony Ericsson Zeus has appeared in new YouTube videos this weekend. As revealed earlier, the smart-phone features a slide-out game pad, 4-inch capacitive touchscreen, 5-mega-pixel camera and a second-generation Snapdragon chip-set. The new videos reveal that the PlayStation Phone is running Android Gingerbread, and we guess a custom Sony Ericsson experience will be running atop the final version. The idea was to offer a select few titles that offered more levels etc., and for a slightly higher price than the average smart-phone game.

There's little doubt that the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone will not change the fact that people in general only play smart-phone games that are either pre-loaded or free to download. That said, in-game purchases and free games have proved to improve the odds for success, so we guess game publishers will take advantage of that on the PlayStation phone too.

We've watched the blurred video of PlayStation Phone a couple of days ago, but this time Sony Ericsson's Zeus Z1 shows itself in a crystal clear video featuring Android Gingerbread.

Now after watching the video preview you might thinking about the camera on the back of PlayStation phone Sony Ericsson’s Zeus Z1 and it is capability.

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