Google Latitude App For iPhone

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Google today launched its location-sharing Latitude app for the iPhone, making good on a promise nearly two years old.

Google Latitude lets a user share his or her physical location with friends, and locate friends on a map, the company said in an announcement Monday.

"Today's Latitude app was built from the ground up using iOS 4's new multitasking capability to support background updating," said Lambert.
At times, Google and Apple have had a prickly relationship over apps.

google latitude app for iphone 300x211 Google Latitude for iPhone Goes Live

In mid-2009, the former submitted Google Voice to the App Store, but Google claimed Apple rejected the program because the call management software replaced some of the iPhone's "core mobile telephone functionality." Google Voice finally appeared in the App Store in November, 17 months after Google submitted the program.

The Google Latitude app for iPhone and other iOS devices is now available in the app store. What the Google Latitude app does is lets your track where your friends are on a map. The Latitude app works on the iPhone 3GS, four as well as the iPod touch (3rd and 4th gen) and the iPad.

Apple posted Google Latitude to its iTunes' App Store on Monday. The app is a free download.

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