Now Read Gmail on iPhone Android in 44 Languages

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Google has introduced an updated version of its mobile Gmail utility for iPhones or Android-based smart-phones. The update also brings offline support, and smart links for Google Maps, YouTube and Google Docs content.

Google has published its Zeitgeist 2010, ranking top topics based on the billions of search queries made by users during the year. On a global basis, the iPad placed second among "fastest rising" topics, only narrowly trailing Chatroulette. When breaking things down into categories, the iPad topped the global consumer electronics category with the iPhone four taking second place.

Apple as a company ranked eighth among fastest rising news search terms, while its retail stores ranked eighth among rising search terms for Google Maps. Among image searches, the iPhone and iPad took eighth and tenth place respectively. Finally, Google's product search category saw the iPad top the list, with iPhone four cases checking in tenth place.

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