iPhone 3Gs "Third Generation"

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iPhone 3Gs are smart phones with touch screen the best and the excess on the side of multimedia. Lots of interesting things that we can get from this phone, ranging from design, an attractive touch screen to its nature is quite impressive OS users.

Apple designs and characteristics make this phone perfect for you who are looking for a multimedia product and want to appear different from the others. One barrier may be a matter of synchronization with the PC. On this side, still requires several processes.

  • Almost nothing had changed from the design side. Unchanging size, texture, smooth, glossy and minimal buttons. touch screen remains as the main interaction tool.
  • Back cover made berdisain convex solid plastered with the inside of the phone, blocking to open, view, let alone replace the battery.
  • SIM card slot using hotswap system. To insert the SIM, you must first stab 'tray' SIM using metal pins in the holes that have been provided.
  • Like the iPhone 3G, this phone is also equipped with only one 'back' button on the front. Same location with the D-pad button phones other touch screen.
  • Although the same position, function 'back' button is experiencing the addition of voice control as well as a button. The trick, press the back button a long time about 1 minute without moving, until the screen comes up voice control. This is the first thing that we can get on the phone.
  • Another button that we can get is a volume button and mute swich on the left, and the power button / lock on the top screen. Very minimalist is not it?
  • Besides the buttons, there were only two additional ports, namely port data at the lower end, and 3.5 mm audio port at the top.
  • There are interesting things, namely the disematkannya two speakers at the bottom of the funnel. It is located adjacent to each other, with the flanking the data port. This causes the spread of the sound so it is not too good.
  • No one can deny the greatness of the iPhone as the best touch screen mobile phone. Similarly, we feel at 3Gs. Combination of software interface, the screen surface material and the nature of his multitouch touch screen produces a nice impression when interacting with the screen.
  • TFT touch screen which became the mainstay of this phone has a depth of 16.7 million colors, with resolution of 320 x 480 pixels (often referred to also as a mobile widescreen). Fair if it looks okay, because its size is made large up to 3.5 inches.
    Just like the previous iPhone, mobile phone screen is also protected coating and anti-scratch fingerprint. It is for this sail feared by mobile users tap. Unfortunately, this layer is not applied on the back of the phone that in fact require the same protection.

    iPhone 3Gs using software up to date. Starting from OS to software such as iTunes Store gift, Apps Store, and so forth. This means that we will find a number of developments, but not revolutionary.
  • A number of features provided on the conical iPhone 3Gs multimedia capabilities. Makes sense, considering that Apple basically as pembesutnya was masterful in that field.
  • Likewise in the iPhone 3Gs. Capabilities of an iPod will be retained. Display and acceleration similar to the iPod Touch that has long been outstanding. We can add music files in mp3 format, m4a mp2 and sync with iTunes via a desktop (PC or Mac).
  • This time, the iPod's sound output can be transferred via Bluetooth A2DP and congenital speaker phone. A significant development.
  • In addition, we will have 3.2 megapixel camera. Higher than the iPhone 3G is only 2megapixel. However, the camera remains 3Gs no backlight flash. Perhaps for reasons of aesthetics, so the camera lens was only given a little spot in the corner.
  • In terms of quality, the camera iPhone 3Gs can be called mediocre. Colors can be recorded with good indeed. But in a rather low light conditions, noise generated plenty. Conversely, there was no problem for outdoor shooting with enough light.
  • Addition of performance also occurs in the video recording capabilities. Resolution can be increased up to a resolution of the screen. Interestingly this feature can be integrated with applications Youtube.
  • When tested with HSDPA speeds, Youtube application on the 3Gs can run smoothly. We compare it with the phone with the same capabilities, such as a BlackBerry with APN operator, result in the iPhone could run better. Looks like Youtube application is to download the file first, then present it to us so that almost no words faltered.
  • The development of the most long awaited by iPhone users are on the side of the connection. Some of the increase occurred in it. Starting from the increase of the 3G modem to 7.2 Mbps through HSDPA Bluetooth profile is updated.
  • Essentially, this phone has been equipped for connection with the latest specifications. Even complete. Besides HSDPA, no WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS receiver and USB connection. Unfortunately, the USB connection to a computer must go through iTunes. Sending a music file, video to photos can only be one direction. From computer to phone. Not vice versa.
  • Similarly, when we used Bluetooth. But lucky there is a third-party applications that allow it, most pay. And for you music lovers, A2DP profile is added to the iPhone 3Gs is very good news that no less important.
Application and Installation
  • There are no office applications in the default package. And is not also found in the official mobile office applications from Microsoft to Apple's iPhone OS is. The way out for us who need support for this type of file is by looking for third-party applications through the online store app store. The app Store is the only legal way to add new applications, download and install it directly into the phone.
  • iPhone 3Gs provide the processor and RAM with a capacity to process larger data. If the iPhone 3G is only equipped with ARM 11 412 MHz processor, with RAM 128, then took 3Gs currently has 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8, with 256 MB of RAM. Meanwhile, with the type of lithium ion batteries it bears, the iPhone is able to survive long enough in standard usage. Occasionally the music, HSDPA, WiFi and GPS can exhaust up to two days.

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