GMail Potentially Overtaking Yahoo! Mail

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For search engines Google is more popular than Yahoo!. However, Yahoo! Still dominate the email world, where the company is still being the top for the number of email users. This information is obtained from Silicon Alley Insider (SAI).

Based on the charts, released the website, unique data obtained around access to email from users in the United States. At first glance we see that Yahoo! Still dominate for email. But wait, the article persaingnya Google Mail (Gmail) was recorded continuously increasing traffic.

It is true, according to a report from SAI, GMail users increased 27% from a year ago. This is definitely going to be more attention for Yahoo! Remember from the graph shown users of Yahoo! Mail has decreased. Could be undermined GMail users of Yahoo! Mail or acquiring some users Yahoo!.

Most 'poor' is AOL, which recently dropped its users continue from month to month. And, there were already dropped to 20%. As a result, with results like these, the future could have been overtaking GMail email service, including Yahoo! Mail.

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