Nokia N900 Based Maemo 5

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Nokia N900 is a product of a truly new and fresh. Selection of proper OS to be one key to being able to deliver ease of operation even for those already familiar with a particular handset model. Interface that supports ktif served functions contained therein.

Unfortunately, because they are new, additional software support was still quite minimal. Although supported by the OVI service store that integrates with Maemo. For a novice user, the possibility of upgrading the software with additional software will be increasingly narrower.

Design & Interface
Already a lot of phones with a slide mechanism like this side. The difference, the Nokia N900 is not much room to slide qwerty keyboard side. When we shift to the side of the screen, qwerty keypad, then the series is only less than half the width of sticking the phone. Narrow meaning, though not really uncomfortable.

This makes us conclude that while the N900 is not intended to replace the old Nokia communicator not been heard from. This phone feels more like a new option for online and multimedia functions. Without downplay the role of the actual hardware is ready to be taken of managing our office activities. Anyway this series is N. Previously successful series combines office and multimedia functions in one package.

With a small portion of the keyboard, and on the other hand is available with resistive touch screen TFT-quality 3.5-inch sizes, the most correct way to enjoy the contents of this phone is via the touchscreen interface. Although including resisitiv screen and stylus is available, we do not experience difficulties when accessing the menu using only the fingers.

Maemo 5, the operating system performance menggawangi N900 seems to have an attractive UI. Nature looks to be in landscape orientation. So naturally, when the phone is made by Nokia and HP type located on the side facing the keyboard side slide.

MultimediaN900 includes the latest multimedia features. Some of the categories included in the media player (Maemo Media Player) which appear as icons flash a nice view, such as displayed in the image below.
The interface is reminiscent of the menu display Playstation 3 and PSP. Or I might compare with other mobile phones, reminding us of the Sony Ericsson Satio display in a closed state. In fact almost all the functions folder with the same features, such as PIM are also displayed in the form like this.

The function of the media player comprises a music player, video player and Internet radio. Yes, there is no Fm radio here. But do not worry, this phone is basically already have hardware that supports these functions. Evidently there is an FM transmitter on the N900. To add an FM radio function, you must download and install third party applications that can be found at site.

Almost all music formats can be executed. Similarly, the video format (avi, MPEG4). But as usual, the maximum supported video resolution is only limited screen resolution. For those of us who need support OGG and FLV files can download the codec is already prepared the developer.

Sound output is facilitated by two separate speaker cone on the right side and left side of the phone (in the landscape condition). There was slick with the separation of stereo audio frequencies alias can already feel it. But if you choose to use a headset, N900 also has provided the most popular connector, 3.5 mm.

Switch to the other multimedia features, this phone offers a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics equipped with an autofocus, flash, macro mode and a number of other camera settings. The results were not disappointing. Preview the results of macro photos showing the sharpness of images in each corner so that any dust will be visible here. While outdoor photographs even appear conscientious while displayed in full resolution on a computer screen.

There are WiFi, Bluetooth, microUSB connector, GPS, FM transmitter and 10 mbps HSDPA data paths. All can be accessed and managed with simple measures, such as touching the connection icon in the display home screen.
New things we shall find lies in the setting that is almost all done automatically, and slick production Maemo browser. This browser capable of displaying flash file in a web site and with the full fee that is quickly rendering process.

Application and InstallationMaemo OS is probably not new, but specifically for mobile users no one can prevent. Support additional software that was created not as much as a third party's Symbian, Windows Mobile even though Android. But with Nokia, Maemo application was apparently facilitated by better, so we'll have no trouble looking for an application, download and install it directly on the phone.
By default there are interesting games on the N900, office applications DataViz Documents To Go (version of the viewer), Facebook, Twitter and a variety of additional online applications. Including Ovi Maps with routing facilities for free and ready for use. Unfortunately there is no voice navigation.

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