iPhone 3G Out Off Stock

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With the advent of the iPhone 3GS, plus iPhone 4G (HD) which will come out soon, then its predecessor product also threatened 'extinct'. Apple iPhone 3G 8GB, now it is no longer manufactured.

Section, the operator in the U.S. AT & T never run out of stock for the 8GB iPhone 3G model. And, when submitted a request to Apple, the iPhone is the manufacturer refused, the reason that all these models have been all products sold.

According to one source at AT & T, they do not know when the iPhone 3G models will be coming soon. In fact, it is unlikely, given the new products will soon emerge, probably next month. So, it is unlikely Apple will re-produce the series.

For operators who usually enter into a contract with Apple, it is estimated tag of the iPhone 3GS would drop to 99 U.S. dollars only (contract), if the iPhone HD market entry.

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