Sony PSP NGP the New Generation of PSP

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Sony has released an advanced generation of PSP, ie PSP NGP (Next Generation Portable). Game console is equipped with quad-core processor ARM Cortex A9 and quad-core PowerVR graphics SGX543MP4 +. For paired RAM memory, is likely to use 1GB LPDDR2. However, it could be on its release to the market will be pinned on 512 MB RAM capacity.

PSP NGP will be reinforced with multi-touch OLED screen type capacitive. Diagonal its 5-inch display at a resolution of 960x544 pixels, which is recorded four times more tightly than the previous PSP. Not only that, Sony's newest gaming console will be supported also with 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth and GPS. Only, apparently will not support the phone function.

This new generation of PSP will have a six-axis motion control system similar to the PlayStation Move, namely three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. Also, there are three-axis compass. Some parts and controls of the PSP hardware is different from the PSP recorded NGP initial model. Now there are two analog sticks, D-pad, the Action button usual, the L / R, PS button, Start and Select buttons, volume buttons and the Power button.

Not only that, there is one interesting thing that is on a capacitive multi-touch right at the back of the screen. So, here will be available two touch-sensitive control panels, which combined with a variety of buttons available to assure you will get more leverage gameplay experience, in all levels.

PSP NGP has dimensions of 18.2 x 8.35 x 1.86 cm. There are two camera shell, front and rear. In this console was attached stereo speakers and microphone. UMD drive slots now no longer exists in this new model PSP console, which will be replaced by flash memory card. It's just not clear what kind of cards will be used, whether the SD card or the other. For internal memory, rumored to be going to 16 GB.

The Sony was apparently are developing a new interface, which adopted all kinds of social networking services. Later, LiveArea Near UI and the application will allow users to run media social networks without losing the game is being played.

In the business game, the PSP is claimed to equal the quality NGP PS3 console, which went pretty smoothly when memaikan the games are taken from the PS3 like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Metal Gear Solid 4. NGP is a new PSP will be available on the market in the holiday season 2011.

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