Android 3.0Honeycomb Released Not for Smartphone

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Google finally officially announced the Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Android was eventually opened will appear in two-way business, where Honeycomb will not be available for smart phones (smartphones). So, Android 3.0 devices seem to only cater for tablet PCs and other devices were deemed compatible with it.

To use Honeycomb Android as an operating system, conditions to be met proved relatively heavy. So, finally concluded that Android 3.0 Honeycomb less suitable for smart phone models.

In a press conference, Google's Android product manager, Hugo Barra, look demonstrates Motorola Xoom. At the homescreen and some other new functionality of the tablet Honeycomb Honeycomb does look that fitted to the tablet.

There are interesting things related to Honeycomb, which will support older applications. Call it the Fruit Ninja famous game, which was shown on Motorola Xoom. In addition, multitasking sector will be more intense, with a feature called Application Fragments. In fact, for Honeycom already supports hardware accelerator to support 3D graphics.

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