The Powerful HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE Smartphone

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In my article today, I'll try to clear the water a bit of confusion surrounding the new iPhone 4. In June 2010, Apple produced its latest version of its popular cell phone. In fact he was voted the "iPhone 4", but many people rushed to buy by mistake even though it was called the "iPhone 4G."

It is easy to see how people can make this mistake. After all, the previous version was named the 3G "iPhone. Many people rushed out and put his money on the table for him because they thought it was a 4G mobile phone. When they learned that the phone is not really 4g compatible, which is understandably upset.

htc thunderbolt

Now, let me explain a few things for you. The phrase "4G" refers essentially to the "fourth edition" or "fourth generation." It is true that this is the fourth generation of Apple's iPhone so it makes sense that people may think this was called the iPhone 4G.

In the mobile communications industry when someone refers to "4G", which are usually talking about the generation of lightning speed 4 of the cellular wireless data transfer. In a nutshell, this refers to the speed at which your wireless network has the ability to upload and download data.

4G networks are also known as LTE networks and are able to brag of speeds that are up to 4 times faster than the generation of cellular networks other common than most people are using today.

Because many consumers use their particular cellular service provider to offer its connection to the Internet, are understandably very anxious about their cellular phone service provider to get with the program and the ramp of its network so that will be up to 4G standards.

Well, now I will shed some light on another problem for you now. The new iPhone 4 will only work on the AT & T. He has the exclusive rights to the iPhone for now at least. In addition, the AT & T is certainly a 4G network.

They are, however, currently in the process of testing with its cutting edge 4G system and have to "formally", reported that sometime in 2011 will launch its brand new LTE wireless network for your customers to use .

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