Would Internet Explorer 9 Has Released?

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You have to look far to find IE9 NetApplications April browser user share data. IE9 even browser version NetApp written breakdown of all operating systems, although its usage share was 2.41 percent. In comparison, Firefox 4.0, which launched seven days later, took 5.43 percent share of use. Both browsers debuted in March.

The kicker: Windows 7. IE9 Microsoft only released for that operating system and Windows Vista. In comparison, Firefox 4 will run on Windows XP, which remains the bulk of the installed base of Windows. Well, Firefox 4 has a higher proportion of use there, too - 8.40 percent to 7.46 percent IE9. But do not cry for Microsoft. Internet Explorer 8 has 47.54 percent share of use.

However, NetApp data is not good for IE9. Chrome 10 also launched in March, and its share of Windows 7 is the use of 14 years. 75 percent, making it second to IE8. From the point of view of an operating system, Chrome 10 has 9. 91 percent usage share, or about four times the IE9.

NetApp sees something in the numbers that do not. "After a month, Internet Explorer 9 is benefiting from Windows 7, the momentum and doubled their share of use on Windows 7 from 3.6 percent last month to 7.5 percent in April, well, Internet Explorer 9 shares per day for the last day of the month (April 30) hit 9.95 percent worldwide in Windows 7. "

If Windows 7 is IE9 benefiting both, why share much higher use of chromium 10 and Firefox 4? IE9 ended in March with the aforementioned 3.36 per cent share of use on Windows 7, compared to 10.19 percent chromium and 2.8 percent for Firefox 4. As noted above, the new Web browser of Microsoft's increased usage quota for the month of April.

In general, in March, for all operating systems, 10 had 6.69 Chrome usage share compared with 1.68 percent for Firefox 4 and 1.04 percent for IE9. From this perspective, the participation of Google and Mozilla browsers use grew significantly faster than IE9 March to April.

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