Problems Of Iphone 4 Alarms

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Should daylight saving time come into effect or a change to the calendar year, the alarm on the iPhone four switches off.

Hospital worker Kate Cobb, 34 from Leeds said: "I overslept by an hour and missed the train. Disgruntled users complained heavily on the social network" at Twitter. Fion Chan wrote: "Luckily I managed to wake up on my own. Apple, who make the £499 smart-phone did issue warnings that the phone's alarm systems would not work over the new year period, but it does not seem to be too widely publicised as many missed the warnings.

Though the iPhone four are considered to the best smart-phone currently on the market, the phone is flawed by a recurring bug. The antenna problems, which were caused by contact between a user's hand and the iPhone 4's antenna, located in a metal band around the outside of the phone, resulted in Apple calling a press conference at which the company announced it was giving away "bumpers" to prevent signal problems.

The alarm just refused to ring, and the Apple Discussion board went into a frenzy. Entries akin to 'iPhone four alarm not working since 01.01.2011', continued to be posted by angry iPhone users who slept away beyond their normal wake up time. Hundreds of angry iPhone four users have gone to the discussion forums just to request Apple to do something about this weird, but that is simple problem. As if in response, Apple has confirmed that the failed alarm issue existed. Apple has also said that alarms will work properly beginning January 3.

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