Googles: Google Translate via Camera

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Google recently announced an update regarding the application which is labeled Googles. Googles has the ability to translate the words (text) or a foreign language phrase that was found on an image to be photographed.

This could work in Googles Android phone number above 6.1, which allows automatic translation of the words found in the street, menus, posters, or others who are in your visual nature.

Once a user Googles take a picture (photograph) phrase, it will immediately provide notification Googles question, which asks whether the user wants the contents information is translated. For now, Googles supports English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Google hopes that the ability to recognize this will support more languages, along with time and technology.
In the updated version, Googles applications now have a larger data base and a lot more to be able to recognize objects. In addition, the interface has also been updated to more attractive.

In addition to Android, Googles Google believes that the application is available also for other platforms. Android phone users to top 6.1, you can get this application in the Android Market.

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